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New Google Maps 8.2 shows elevation and allows voice commands

Google is all set to launch their latest version of Google Maps (version 8.2) for Android devices this week. The latest version has added features that will prove very useful to cyclists and the new voice command feature could be helpful as well.google-maps-screenshot

The last major update from Google Maps came in May this year. The most significant feature of it was the Terrain View. But the latest Google Maps 8.2 packs some more added features apart from cycling information, such as the voice action feature.

The maps not only show you the cycling routes, but also the elevation. Along every route, small images are placed, letting the user know about the elevation. This information helps the cyclists on deciding whether it is wise to take a route, especially when it is uphill. It estimates the slope and distance of the hill.

Interact through voice commands:

Android users can now interact with the maps directly through voice commands. A microphone button placed on the search bar allows users to initiate the commands, just by clicking on it. The voice action feature helps you to ask recognized questions directly to the app, like, “how far is this place” etc. you can also ask questions about the next turn or diversion, which makes navigation much easier in strange and unfamiliar places, even without removing your hand off the steering wheel. Google plans to remove the microphone button in the near future by enabling ‘hotword detection from any screen.

The latest version has not yet hit India and is on the process of rolling out worldwide. For users who are not patient enough for the update can now download the APK digitally signed by Google or check for update from Google Play Store.

Google had updated the maps earlier this week removing certain bug fixes and improving its usability in Android wears. The update also allows users to tag reservations and sign in their mail accounts to display them directly on the maps.

Check out the video showing voice command interaction with new Google Maps:

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