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The Next Digit (thenextdigit.com) is an online news publication media dedicated to regularly reporting the latest Technology & Gadgets News from all around the world. We also feature Tips & Tricks to solve your day to day tech & gadgets activities. Online Shopping, Seller’s Guide, Buyer’s guide, Social Media, Internet & Software are our other specialties.

TheNextDigit.com showcases the latest gadgets news, technology updates, reviews, downloads and tips with coverage of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Ebay, Amazon, Software, Apps, Hardware, Electronics, Computers & Peripherals. TND serves quality resources for professionals and end-users.

  • Breaking Technology, Gadgets & Media News.
  • Local & International News.
  • Video/Podcast & Live coverage of Product Launches.
  • Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs, Product launch interviews, Technology specialists & experts.
  • Online & Offline stores, prices, offers, discounts etc.
  • Updated 6 days a week.

Our staff consist of around the Globe, experts from tech & gadgets fields with a wide technical spectrum like mobile computing, apps, Smartphones & social media and several other aspects of IT sector.

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