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Apple’s new patent to bring in Automatic unlocking and security features

Apple has filed a new patent that will allow the company to provide automatic unlocking feature for iPhone and location-based security features.aple-patent-image

The new patent is similar to Android L’s personal unlocking feature where the user device will automatically unlock in a particular location and gets locked again after exiting the safe location. The automatic unlock feature eliminates the need for complex unlocking by Touch ID and remembering passwords.

Apple stated in its patent filing:

“Based on the detected current location, the mobile device can modify settings and configurations.”

The patent filing also mentions the need for different levels of security in several locations and high-level of security when in a new or crowded location. The patent filing is seen as a move to counter Android L‘s “personal unlocking” feature and will have different levels of security that users can customize.

Users can set up their iPhones in such a way that the devices get unlocked in areas like workplace or at home while other places are customized with a two-layer authentication. The yet-to-be launched feature will use GPS data and will detect Wi-Fi networks in locations. Once the feature is launched Apple is expected to include the feature in its upcoming devices.

Apple iOS will catch up with its rival in the market like Google’s new Android L OS that was unveiled at the Google I/O this year. The company is also expected to launch the new “safe unlocking” feature in its upcoming iPhone 6 if the patent is approved that will increase security in the devices.

According to the report, GT Advanced Technologies, the company hired to manufacture the Sapphire Glass for Apple has literally finished its installation works and is ready to start the process of manufacture once the final prepayment is done.

Apple is probably all set to produce the 4.7 inch iPhone and the 5.5 inch model by the end of this Year. iWatch might just be launched prior to November; somewhere around October.

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  1. Apple is confused. You are supposed to patent you own inventions, not the ones you see at Google I/O.

    • Lots of companies hold patents on different technologies that do the same thing.

      • Yes, but this patent was filed 2 weeks after it was demonstrated by the competition. I doubt this is a coincidence, Apple just had WWDC and this feature was nowhere to be found.

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