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Nintendo looses the battle to Philips in U.K.

The struggle between Nintendo and Philips ended today with Philips earning a close victory. Although the victory is only a part one, but it is surely sweet for Philips. Philips today won the lawsuit against Nintendo as the High Court Judge from United Kingdom ruled the case in favor of them. Although, this is considered as a loss by Nintendo, the High Court judge Colin Briss did save the game making company from the deadly allegation of violating a third-party patent for modeling a gaming body in virtual environment.

Nintendo looses the battle to Phillips in U.K.

According to the claims, Nintendo has intentionally used a certain portion of the patents in the virtual gaming world of Philips. Although, Nintendo has bluntly refused to accept the allegations put forward by Philips, the judge was passed against the game making giant.

The game that is the centre of all the issues between Nintendo and Philips is Wii U which is by far one of the leading grosser in the market of virtual games. The company is also known for the gaming hardware and software that it produces.

According to the reports, Nintendo has suffered a fall in the sales of the various games, hardware and software and especially that of Wii U.

Nintendo has not stated that the lawsuits are responsible for the fall in sales but has certainly agreed to the chances of appealing against the directives of the U.K. high court. Neither Nintendo nor Philips have made any comments about the decision made by the court.

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