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LiveLOOK now Oracle’s new driving partner

The news comes from the IDG News service where Oracle, the software company is now scooping up for its co-browsing software maker firm LiveLOOK  to enhance the customer experience software.oracle-service-cloud-livelook

LiveLook has been integrated to Oracle’s customer service application and it has already been tested by more than 100 Oracle customers. The best part of this application is that it fetches the sales and support representatives by allowing the parallel browse and fixing up the problems that might help people with the authentic purchase.

After the acquisition announcement, the administration mentioned that around 500 customers have already been using LiveLook citing the examples from FAQ document released on Friday. Rumors say that the Oracle is now maintaining the neck-to-neck competition with the Salesforce.com, Microsoft and SAP in terms of release a new experience in the customer software market. The service includes right from a continuum to marketing and sales as well as post-sale service and support.

The immediate launch of the LiveLOOK is also backed up with the recent announcement by the Salesforce.com. Just a few days back, the Salesforce.com had come up with SOS, which is a support feature designed with an active influence of the Amazon’s Mayday button. With the single lick the customer can be privileged with online video chat assistance.

To defend this previously launched technology, Oracle stated that LiveLOOK again a new test drive in the similar niche of single click video help. What adds more to the edge of using this application is that one can cut down call cost, as well as caters better opportunities for the larger orders, driving more sales.

[ Source: pdf | FAQ: pdf ]

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