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Google Fit: Big G’s answer to Apple Healthkit and Samsung SAMI

As part of the retaliation against Apple’s WWDC announcements, Google will be launching its own cloud-based health aggregator ‘Google Fit’ in its upcoming Google I/O conference for developers on June 25-26.meet-google-fiber-the-new-lightning-fast-internet-network-6f851f810f

According the report from Forbes, Google Fit will collect and sort data from fitness tracking apps as well as devices. Forbes cites multiple sources close to the Google’s plans.

Meanwhile, it’s still unclear whether Google will integrate the new service to its Android operating system or launched as a standalone application. Recently, Apple made clear that it will be integrating its Healthkit inside the iOS 8 mobile operating system.

By this new battle for glory, we can see that both the companies are trying its level best to accumulate the initial entry to the health and fitness technology.

Samsung also has its own plans related to the health-tracker aggregator software and it has recently launched a health platform SAMI. Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) will be such an open source software which will allow the storage of all he critical issues related to health. Samsung has also stated that SAMI will put in enough locks of security such that critical and important data is not lost or hijacked.

Health and fitness aggregator will be more competitive as many companies launching their fitness bands and health tracking devices and it can pull data from these wearables, such as measures exercise activities, blood pressure, weight, sleep patterns and heart rates.

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