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Google shoots ISP rating on YouTube Stream Quality in US and Canada

Google has recently come up with the Video Quality Report Service to keep a check on the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who do not deliver high definition video streaming services. It is quite known that YouTube streams at high speeds. The tool is designed by one of the U.S. personnel to show the various qualities of ISPs throughout the country.youtube-streaming-quality

Google has its plans to build a separate ranking system for the ISPs that are “HD verified” and regularly cater their customers with HD streams. ISPs will approve the status only when uploaded video delivers the stream which is equal to or greater than 720p quality video. Meanwhile, the ISPs which can only deliver 360p quality video streams will be excluded from the Standard definition Category. The videos with the poorer quality will get the ranking of the lower definition rating.

According the Google, the users will have better access of the streaming video quality report by procuring the reasons of the difficulty of the watching certain video and the way they have been constantly malign with the plagued buffering icon. It also gives ample space to the U.S. residents giving opportunity to peep through the other ISPs within a specific region. It is aimed to check whether the internet users are updated with the relevant information or not. However this will also give users to make better decision for the company they prefer to switch to.

Looking at the way the entire feature is going to help people is that the rating will be raised on the basis of its anticipation also on the basis of the location-specific streaming quality. While watching on the YouTube, it will flash and record the minimum available speed. The target is pretty demanding but still, in order to move towards its goal, Google has released a report of the basis of the billions of YouTube Videos being watched by viewers which are authentically signed up to many other ISP companies. The internet monster is highly eager to figure out things soon, but all the data was scrutinized minutely.

If one feels pathetic of getting stuck into this nitty-gritty of web, never mind, Google has also hinted towards its solution.  The “7 ways to improve your video quality” diagram may help many of us with the power boasting tips showing the way to improve the streaming speed ranging from the clearing cache and the cookies becoming hassle in restarting routers.


As of now, Google Video Quality Report feature available in U.S. as well as Canada. Google expects to roll out the feature to other countries in coming months. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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