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Cox to begin gigabit internet rollout from Omaha, Phoenix and Las Vegas

So it is good news for the people who live a lot of internet life as Cox Communications has announced its plans to start plans of internet at gigabit speeds. This step was first taken by companies like Google Fiber and AT&T GigaPower. Although Cox Communications might be referred to as a follower, the good news still stays on for the people. According to the Press Release by Cox Communications, the initial set up will be in the regions of Las Vegas, Phoenix,Nebraskaand Omaha.cox-communications-logo

Well, this is probably one of the best news that any internet loving citizen would have wished for. With Google Fiber and AT&T already on the pump, the people were already starting to think about a shift. But the announcement but Cox Communications must have relieved a lot of people. Gigabit speed of internet will be available only in specific sections of the places referred to in the release. But that should not make you sad. Cox Communications will also be preparing Wi-Fi hotspots for the sections that will not be served under directly.

Along with this, there is more good news to be delivered as Cox Communications will also pull up the tiers of internet speed. According to the statement released by Cox Communications, there will be an increase in the internet speed as the 25Mbps tier is expected to rise up to around 50Mbps.

“We are excited about our road map to offer gigabit speeds to all of our residential customers,” said Cox Communications President Pat Esser. “Starting today, we will begin deploying new technology and infrastructure that will give customers the choice of gigabit speeds in all markets we serve.”

The only bad news in the statement released by Cox Communications refers to the act of rendering gigabit speeds as late as 2016. According to the statement, the company will be working hard to bring the better quality of service under Gigabit speeds but that will not be possible before 2016.

As of now, the fastest internet speeds offered by a cable provider to residential customers in US is 505Mbps. Cox’s Gigabit speeds will make it almost double than current offering.

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