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Foursquare launches Swarm app for iOS and Android

Swarm by Foursquare entered the global market of apps for iOS and Android on Thursday. The addition of Swarm on iOS App Store and Google Play Store on Thursday meant the addition of another social application amidst the so many that we have.swarm-fourquare

Well, Swarm is just a bit different that other social applications. The real-time check in feature completely makes the application distinct than others. Swarm by Foursquare allows the feature of Neighborhood sharing, which means your whole neighborhood is like a unified gang. You can easily make plans and step into action as and when you want.

Last week, Foursquare has decided to split its app into two separate apps and named the new one as “Swarm,” by which, users can check in to locations and see what their nearby friends are up to, while the core app will focus on discovery.

Well, the start was not all smooth for Swarm as there was already an existing app named Swarm on Google Play store. The situation was such that Foursquare was well on the verge of being sued by the original app producers. Now when Swarm has already hit the Play stores, it seems that Foursquare has reached a peaceful settlement with the old “Swarm’s” owners.

Swarm can also be termed as a break off from the main application of Foursquare with the Check in facility. According to the reports, Foursquare plans to bring in changes to the core application in order to make the experience better. Although no official statements have been delivered till today, rumors suggests that the update will be seen very soon now.

Not getting too critical about the quality of Foursquare’s Swarm, it will be very interesting to see the position of the application in Google Play Store and iOS App Store after a few days time. Download the app for your iPhone/iPad from this link. Download the Android app from this link, don’t get misunderstood by this app.

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