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UberXL now in San Francisco – SUV for the large bunch

It seems like Uber is determined to make journeys on the road more spacious and luxurious. Uber understands the fact that travelling with friends and family can be at times a bit cramp. Thus, the addition to the list of Services by Uber will surely bring in a bit of comfort to you. Uber has recently launched a SUV service that will allow the big bunch of people to fit in easily. UberXL allows you to travel in an SUV instead of a Sedan at a much lesser cost and maximized ease.uber-xl-welcome

Frankly speaking, whenever we are out on a party with friends, the return journey gets a bit tough on the physical body. At that point of time, the only thing you think of is that ’if you had a bit more space to spread out and relax’! UberXL will allows you the same with a fare that is way less that the Sedan service that they have. You can expect pickups from Toyota Highlanders, Ford Explorers and Nissan Pathfinders, among other available UberSUVs.

When compared to UbeX, the fee structure is just $5 as base fee and a minimum of $8 fare. The sum is easily shareable among friends. Thus, UberXL will not burn a hole in your pocket. This is not the first time when Uber is supporting a SUV service. UberSUV is still prevalent but it is for the wealthy ones. UberSUV drivers are the ones with TCP-license where as UberXL is for the large groups at effective price.

Uber seems to have taken an extra step in its effort of expansion. It is quite evident from the launch of UberJet for the Cannes film festival to the launch of UberXL in San Francisco. UberXL has already spread its wings in Singapore and Chicago. Recently Uber has also introduced UberFamily, a feature that allows parents to install car seats inside the vehicle for additional $10.

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