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Blackberry launches Blackberry Z3 Jakarta Edition for emerging markets

To gain back some momentum in the market, BlackBerry has launched the affordable Z3 Jakarta Edition handsets in Indonesia and  it will be available in the market in just two days, May 15th.blackberry-z30-jakarta-edition

The company’s move is seen as a way to revive its market share in the smartphone market. The event was held at a Ritz-Carlton hotel, in Jakarta where the Blackberry Z3 was launched. The smartphone will be priced at $191 and that would be lower than the high-priced Z10 and Q10 devices. Sales of BlackBerry devices has also dwindled due to lack of low-end smartphones in emerging markets like Indonesia.

“If the device allows them to grow again, even if its just small, steady growth, that’s a success in itself. That says there is still room for BlackBerry in Indonesia,” said Ryan Lai, market analyst at consultant IDC.

The Z3 smartphone launched for Indonesia will also  be available in Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Philippines. BlackBerry’s Z3 is the first phone to be launched by the company’s new Chief Executive John Chen. During the launch event, Chen stated that the company will have to deal with some negative issues in case the product is not received well. Chen hopes to sell millions of Z3 devices around the world and the company did  not have a target but declined to comment further.

The Blackberry Z3 features a 5Mp camera, 8GB internal memory, exclusive BBM stickers and a touch-screen keyboard designed for Bahasa language. The 5-inch device is powered by battery which offers 15.5 hours talktime. Users can access Blackberry Mobile store for apps and games and smart sharing for photos, files and links.

If you are a “that kind” of die hard fan of BlackBerry and want to have one of these affordable smartphone in United States, just forget it. Because, it’s very unlikely these kind of affordable BlackBerry handsets will see a launch in North America. Do you really need it?

The struggling smartphone-maker launched the original version of Z30 in last September, which had 5-inch AMOLED display, 2,880mAh battery and 1.7GHz quad-core processor. Meanwhile, just go through the BlackBerry Z3 JE unboxing video:

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