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Stanford attempts to track the tremors of earthquake via Twitter

It seems now tracking the natural calamity will be a little easier. The joint collaboration between the micro-blogging social network Twitter and the Stanford University now ventures in figuring out the earth quake affected area within the seconds of the earth quake. By conducting research on the recent tweeting habits, Twitter opine that the geo-tagged tweets will help world to know the adverse affects at the time of disaster. This news is helpful for many of us, especially for those who live in highly fragile areas, in that panicky moment.


It is easy to know about the affected area of the earthquake as when it is combined with the geological data with the rate of the related tweets within a given space. It will precisely, let us know the intensity of the destruction and people will be able to the track  record of the spreading nexus. However, neither Twitter, nor the Stanford University has updated about the immediate plans for this immediate update of managing the earthquake maps on this social media.

Wheresoever’s, this rumor may lead to, for us, cutting the deal would definitely bring an edge and also for  the government. It will help in both the quick relief procedure and making people awareness at the earliest. Although it may seem hypothetical, but the tweet volume may also support in making out the primary data source in the affected area and will also work more effectively in the remote areas or areas with lesser recording stations. Thus, one can say that the new tool of life saving is going to launch soon.

Stanford University will be submitting and presenting a paper at National Conference on Earthquake Engineering to be held in Alaska in July. Learn more about the conference here. Read the presentation paper in this link (PDF file).

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