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Opera launched Coast 3.0 browser app for Apple iPhones

To come out of the slowly decreasing popularity of its mobile browser, Opera has unveiled Coast, a true made-for-touch browser for iPhones today.


Opera Software launched the first version of the Coast browser in 2013, which only supported Apple iPads and now entered into iPhones as well.

According to the changelog of the new Coast for iOS, home screen has been simplified, visual search has been introduced with animated text suggestion, redesigned features such as recent sites, share menu and safety information.

Automatic iCloud syncing of home screen tiles, automatic download of larger selection of wallpapers from Opera add-ons site, “Stuff we like” auto suggestion feature that shown in search before you start typing, new design for sharing & context menus, stability, performance and several security features with faster start-up time and several more features has been introduced with the Coast for iPhone app and these features has been added to the iPad app too.

Coast depends on gestures for much of its interface and uses only two buttons to occlude the view of an open webpage. Like Opera Mini and Opera’s other browsers, Coast for iPhone also includes a Speed Dial grid of icons that shows recently visited websites. Users can add a wallpaper that will stick behind the Speed Dial grid.

Huib Kleinhout, Product Manager on the Opera Coast project at Opera Software said in the release statement:

“With Opera Coast, we have made content the main star of the show, letting the browser app itself get out of the way when you just want to kill some time. It’s the way the web was meant to be enjoyed.”

Opera was a leader in mobile browsing, but now faces competition in the segment by the heavyweights like Apple Safari, Google’s default Android browser and Google Chrome. Google Chrome has just surpassed Opera browser and pushed it to 4th place in March 2014. You can see the Web usage statistics of mobile browsers on StatCounter’s website, where it shows that Opera browsers account for 13.03 percent of Web usage, while Google Chrome, Safari for iPhone and Google’s default Android browsers accounts for 13.49 percent, 21.5 percent and 25.74 percent, respectively.

Let’s wait and watch, whether the new release of Coast for iPhone will change the company’s fate or not. Stay tuned for more updates on this story. Go through the Coast for iPhone’s teaser video released by Opera:

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