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BB.Suit Wi-Fi jacket will be your walking hotspot anywhere

Those people, who live a majority of their lives on the Internet must have felt that something was not happening with their internet service on the go. Now one may ask the question that what is wrong with Wi-Fi routers. Precisely, Wi-Fi routers are presently the only source that allows us to live our online lives when we are out on the roads.

Wi-fi hotspots as it will walk with you

But let me ask you a question?  Don’t you think that Wi-Fi routers prove to be quite a bulky affair to carry on with yourself? Many people would surely feel the same way. It seems that people have been looking over for a suitable replacement for over decades now. Wi-Fi dongle came up with the alternate solution, but the speeds were disastrously slow in some cases. So now what?

Probably the time has finally arrived, where you can leave behind your routers and enjoy Wi-Fi hotspot services even when you are walking with your headphones on! A fashion designer named Borre Akkersdijk is up here with a suit called as BB.Suit that can be effectively used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The trick is that the material of the suit has been woven in such a way that there are gaps in between the threads. He has created this suit by 3-D printing the fabric. This allows the waves of Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi to use them as access points converting the whole suit into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

According to the designer of the incredible suit, the other accessories like Smartphones, Smartwatches can be used effectively as well. But the base area of transmission is much greater in case of this suit. He also accepts the fact that the suit needs a lot of improvement before it is actually available for the general people. Borre Akkersdijk demonstrated the working of his BB.Suit at South by Southwest, where he converted himself into a moving juke box! You could watch him in action from the embedded video below.

You could get the whole story and concept behind the BB.Suit from this link.

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