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Google’s Sundar Pichai joins Satya Nadella in race to the Microsoft CEO

Although many reports posted that Microsoft is all set to name Satya Nadella as its only 3rd CEO in the company’s history, but some other reports also suggest that Google’s Sundar Pichai has joined the race for the CEO search.


The news confirmed by SiliconAngle, where it said that the senior vice president of Chrome and apps of Google, Sundar Pichai is in top choice for the Microsoft CEO post and the negotiations are in full swing, citing the people close to the hiring team.

Interesting fact here is, both the top choice are from Indian origin, who are now living in United States. Sundar Pichai also leads Google’s Android team, that means he has the experience in leading both the desktop and mobile software field, which would be essential to Microsoft.

However, it was also rumored that when Twitter tried to lure in to its executive post, Google paid him $50 million to stay with the company. This time, the Redmond-based software giant, Microsoft has to talk with more cash to bring him on board.

There were several rumors surfaced in past five months regarding the next Microsoft CEO candidate, that includes Ford CEO Alan Mulally, but later he revealed that he won’t be leaving Ford. Later, the rumors suggested that the company’s COO Kevin Turner could be the next CEO. And in last December, when the reports came out regarding Microsoft’s consideration of Qualcomm’s COO Steve Mollenkopf to replace Ballmer, but very next day, Qualcomm announced Mollenkopf as the company’s CEO to avoid loosing him to Microsoft.

As the time comes very close to see the new CEO of the Bill Gates’ dream company, we will keep eye on every unfolding related to the matter. Stay tuned for more updates on the technology and business news.

[ Via: SiliconAngle ]

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