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Snapchat and Vurb May Be Joining Teams

Snapchat and Vurb may be joining teams. The image messaging company apparently is planning to buy Vurb, a personalized search and recommendation app, for around $100 million. Why is Snapchat getting into search?

Snapchat and Vurb May Be Joining Teams
Vurb might soon find its way into Snapchat.

One of the major problems Snapchat is facing is that the app is quite difficult to use. Finding new things is hard, and the social network has been receiving many complaints regarding this. It’s no wonder they are looking into new ways to fix the issue.

“Vurb is the only search app that gives you suggestions and results tailored to what you love — and keeps you updated on trending topics you care about”, according to Vurb’s webpage. Could it be that we might see the benefits of Vurb in our Snapchat app as well?

Rumors have it that Snapchat is in the process of acquiring Vurb for more than $100 million. Vurb’s founder will remain on board for the next five years for about $75 million. Snapchat and Vurb have not yet issued an official statement. If the deal is confirmed, it would be Snapchat’s second big acquisition of 2016. Back in March, the social networking app shook hands with Bitstrips for $100 million.

While we don’t have a clear picture of what it is that Snapchat is planning to with the search app, it’s obvious that the image messaging app is trying to improve the user experience. Vurb might be the solution to an easier way to find users and content. To this day, Snapchat has not provided its users with the means to find someone unless knowing their username or their branded QR code. This goes for brands too. Unless they are listed in the Discovery section of Snapchat, they have no other way to inform users of their snaps.

Snapchat has over 150 million daily users and is valued at more than $20 billion. Earlier this month, the search app itself announced a doubling of users but no exact numbers have been confirmed. If the two were to team up, as it is believed, it could result in even more prolific figures. Snapchat has the necessary financial resources to buy Vurb, having raised approximately $2 billion from investors over the past few years.


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