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Moto X is not a part of Nexus family says Motorola

As all of us know that the Motorola after acquired by Google has released its new device Moto X which can be customizable in many ways from colour to accessories and you can get a designed by you logo at the back and on start up screen which will make you feel like a mobile designer. Many people have thought that the Moto X as a Nexus device on an interview to PCMAG the Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of product at Motorola Mobility said that “As the company was owned and It is also a part of Google but Moto X is not part of Nexus Lineup as the Nexus devices mainly aim for future software updates and all”

moto x not a nexus device

He also said that though the Company is a part of Google but it is still a individual company. The Vice President also gave a glimpse that at Present Motorola is studying the Phablet and in future there may be a possibility to see a Phablet from Motorala. Let’s wait and watch. He also told about its own processor he explained “Though they have produced devices with Snapdragon and all. The reason for choosing their own processor is We have included a Natural language processor which make touchless control possible and also it connects all sensors and consume less processors. This processor will make the whole thing special and clarified that it not only a single chip. It’s combination of several chips in a single device.

This makes the User interface more user friendly with features like flick the device to take a photo which will be also included in its mobiles. He also told that the customers may choose Moto X beyond Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one due to its customization options”. Motorola is also interested to release the device using other network providers at present it is only available in US via AT&T only.

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