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Fitbit Alta Is the Most Fashionable Fitness Tracker

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It was about time. Manufacturers of fitness trackers are finally recognizing that the majority of the products in this category are bulky. Regardless of the company’s efforts of disguising its wearable tech, it’s almost impossible not to spot when a person counts their steps. The wristbands are anything but subtle.

Fitbit, the popular wearable maker, gave us Fitbit Alta, a new model intended to be worn on smaller wrists. Alta is dramatically sleeker than previous models and it looks more like jewelry than a gadget.

With its interchangeable bands that transform the device from something people wear at the gym to one you’d want to leave on for a night out, the Fitbit Alta is the most fashionable fitness tracker available on the market.

Alta dumps the plastic feeling in favor of a leather bracelet-like wristband, featuring a touch-sensitive, monochrome OLED display. Advertised for everyday wearers – meaning that it’s not intended for performance use – Alta can record your daily activity levels, including sleep and steps.

Alta is also the most customizable model in the company’s lineup; similar to other activity trackers, the new fashionable device will nudge to move when you’ve been sitting for too long with a gentle vibration.

What’s more, Alta has also been equipped with Fitbit’s relatively new “smart track” feature. Whenever you start running, cycling or any sport-specific workouts, the device is supposed to automatically recognize the movement and log into Fitbit’s mobile app for you.

You’ll be happy to hear that Alta’s battery life is expected to last up to 5 days on a full day, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t feature a GPS and optical heart rate sensors. Notifications on iOS, Android and Windows Phone are sent the same as with any other model, alerting the wearer through vibrations and on the device’s display.

At the price of $130, Alta will start shipping in March and will effectively replace the Charge model, which costs the exact same amount of money. Seeing that Alta’s specs are all pretty standard stuff for Fitbit, the appeal is clearly supposed to be its looks.

The body of the tracker itself is made of silver stainless steel which can be attached to different hide leather bands; for fancy customers, Fitbit has a gold stainless steel version in the making.

Fitbit has become one of the most widely recognized brands in the wearable industry. According to the most recent reports, Fitbit devices account for 79 percent of the market in the US, with 30 million devices sold to date.
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