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Your Smartphone Already Has the Best Productivity Apps

siri vs google now

It’s tough to choose from the zillion productivity apps out there – apps that promise to help you email more efficiently and never again forget what you have to buy from grocery shop.

However, no matter how good they are, the reality is we rarely ever open them after the first time. When’s the last time you actually minded the reminder from the “drink more water” app? Props to you if your answer is “Why, I completed my goal for the day just 10 minutes ago.”

For the rest of us, however, there’s good news: your smartphone already has everything you need for being a more productive human. Whether you’re the proud owner of an iPhone or an Android device, your smartphone already has the best productivity apps but you don’t know it.

Android’s Google Now

If you’re not using this one app, you’re missing out; it’s most likely pre-installed on your phone, but it’s also downloadable. The smart app can take down reminders, read your texts to you, and feed you snippets of useful information about the weather, flights, or packages that you’re tracking.

But how can Google Now help you be more productive? The most useful feature is taking down your reminders; just open the app and say “Okay Google.” That’ll prompt the app to start listening to your command.

No more missed shopping opportunities: if you say “Remind me to buy bread at Kmart,” your phone will buzz you when you pass the store thanks to GPS location. And it can all remind you to call your grandma when you get home; she surely misses you.

You don’t have to worry about sounding like a lunatic who talks to their phone. Thankfully, the app will hear you just fine even if you just whisper your reminders very quietly into the phone’s microphone.

iOS’ Siri

Google Now has been made available for your iPhone, as well, but instead of downloading it, remember that you’re trying to avoid apps that you’re going to forget all about. In terms of vital programs that could help your productivity, you must try to get more out of Siri.

Siri, the popular digital assistant, can whatever Google Now can, being able to understand and process a lot of the same voice commands aimed at increasing your efficiency.

She’ll also remind you to preheat your oven when you get home or try to guess the name of that song you know only two lyrics from. The important takeaway here is that you can avoid clogging your phone with unnecessary apps by getting creative with what’s already been built into your smartphone.
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