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Apple Wins the Smartwatch Battle but Smartwatches Are Still Not Winning Anything

Apple Wins the Smartwatch Battle but Smartwatches Are Still Not Winning Anything

There has been an undeniable increase in the interest that major corporations display towards wearable tech and so far, the conclusion is that Apple wins the smartwatch battle but smartwatches are still not winning anything. The reason? It simply looks like companies are more interested in the industry than the consumers are.

Not only that but the end product that any of smartwatches end up being always seems to turn out to be more expensive than expected with not much utility to return to the buyer. With the present technology, smartwatches’ utility seems to stop at a fashion statement that notifies you when stuff is going on on your phone; which can also notify you, by the way.

The real problem that potential consumers of this aforementioned industry clash against is these devices’ lack of capability on their own. The smartwatch will not do anything else other than look pretty and show you the time – if that is even listed in its series of capabilities – if you don’t sync it to your smartphone. Then it’s just an overpriced piece of jewelry that doesn’t even look as sleek as real jewelry would.

However, out of all the choices that the market is offering right now, the Apple Watch seems to have come out victorious over Android Wear and other examples of this type of gadget so far. There is a strong chance that this particular conclusion is not heavily reliant on any real, objective reasons regarding the devices themselves. There is not much difference between the devices of this class themselves, no matter what manufacturer they come from.

A good example of the untimely decline of the smartwatches market is their very presence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Or lack thereof. In the previous editions of CES, smartwatches would be one of the largest hypes at the event; this year, the manufacturers seemed pretty quiet about it and preferred to redirect their focus on other types of gadgetry. There were a couple of exhibits that meekly presented devices that one could argue were smartwatches; but the manufacturers preferred to refer to them as being fitness watches.

That seems a relatively more successful approach to the wearable tech industry as the market is booming with fitness trackers, activity trackers and hundreds of applications that can sync with them one way or another.

Would it be safe to conclude that the smartwatch industry is thus moving towards a steady decline? It is very probably that because of the technical limitations that are still imposed into the fabrication processes behind smartwatches, the gadget didn’t turn out to be what people hoped for. But even the consumers’ wish is a very ambiguous term to go on. It is common knowledge that the particularly poor battery life of the devices is one of the biggest issue that smartwatches are facing right now in the eyes of the customers.

Maybe with time, this type of device could once again become a consumer interest. Perhaps this industry is much better off going into a hiatus until developers and manufacturers alike can find a more reliable and useful method of using such type of gadgetry.

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