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Chaotic Moon Launches Tech Tattoos

"tech tats"
Like this, but less douchey.

Great news if you’re a fan of tattoos but hate needles and going to the doctor, as software firm Chaotic Moon launches tech tattoos.

The software company, located in Austin, has developed the new technology, dubbed Tech Tats, as a way of innovating self-quantifying technology.

For those of you who don’t know what self-quantifying technology is, it refers to microchips that, attached to the skin, are able to read your body’s state and relay that to your handheld device. Some of the things the tattoos monitor include heart rate, temperature, and hydration levels.

The creative minds behind the product decided to take a ATiny85 microcontroller an cover it in electro-conductive tattoo paint, thus allowing it to both monitor your health functions and have a creative design.

The team insists that the tattoos will be as varied and unique as actual tattoos, though they might give you a bit of a hyper-technological look, as the small microchip, even though attached to the skin, is not perfectly flat. However, compared to other devices of similar function that are on the market today, the Tech Tats have the most minimalistic design out there.

The studio behind them, Chaotic Moon has named this type of devices biowearables.

They claim that their product can be viewed as wearable technology, that interacting with the users’ wrist, can perform a multitude of tasks and record a large quantity of data about their current health status. It is a low-cost variant to the other, bulkier technologies out there, and it is basically part of the user, as it is glued to his skin.

There is a huge potential for these devices, as they could replace yearly visits to the doctor, could monitor the insulin levels of diabetics, analyze the environment for toxins, and act as tracking devices. They could also be used as credit cards or to authorize payments.The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.

The microchip on your skin will be able to pick up not only your vital signs, but also every chemical imbalance in your body, and around you, and relay them to your device via an app, thus virtually eliminating the need to go to the doctor.

However, the devices are still in the prototype stage, the creators claiming that they are in discussions to bring the product to the open market early next year.

What else can I say except that I am excited for this product to become a reality? I’ve been waiting for these ever since 2001’s show The Invisible Man predicted them via a snake tattoo on the protagonist’s forearm.

Image source: www.flickr.com

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