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The LG Watch Urbane 2 Is Now Discontinued

lg-watch-urbane-2A new review has appeared during the last weekend, stating that the recent LG Watch Urbane 2 was formally cancelled because of some issues noticed with its components. It was stated that the company’s watch launch schedules have been revoked and all clients who have already preordered the device in the United States will get their money returned, according to LG’s officials.

The manufacturer knows that tech experts are currently examining its newest smart watch, but delayed tests in the assurance procedure for the second edition of Watch Urbane have shown that there is a hardware complication affecting the daily performances of the system. After further research, LG’s decision was to terminate the production of its smart watch due to these complex characteristics of the problem.

Whether the gadget will be produced later on it is a future decision, but for now, the company’s main concern is to make sure that only items that fulfill particular top quality requirements are available on the market. According to sources in the tech industry, it was noticed that LG’s Urbane 2nd gen has been taken off the stores because these gadgets are not really locked on a single carrier.

Several reviews say that these components problems found in the watch have a direct impact on the user experience and it could influence negatively LG’s reputation compared to its powerful competitors. Anyway, this is a bad situation for Google and not only for the South Korean giant. This product was intended to represent the first item running on Android Wear from a new series of gadgets that would call people and use mobile information without having to pair the watch with a smart phone.

This tells us better why service providers like Verizon or AT&T preferred not to offer this impressive and elegant smart watch, despite a strong marketing campaign intended to counteract similar products from Apple, Samsung or Motorola. AT&T suppliers and clients who purchased the newest LG watch have been informed that they would get a 100 % return.

Nevertheless, despite these unexpected problems, there is still a number of LG Watch Urbane 2nd gen out here with some customers looking for official guarantee that the device will not have serious problems while they wear it. One idea is that this is not a protection problem, or the manufacturer could have reveal it, and in reality mobile providers such as AT&T may have been upset that customers can buy these gadgets from their stores then use them with other cellular platforms, like the main competitor T-Mobile.

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