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Rise of the Tomb Raider Arrives on Xbox This November

"Lara Croft in the Rise of the Tomb Raider 2015"
Lara Croft – a much more mature female character.

As previously stated, the sequel of Rise of the Tomb Raider arrives on Xbox this November with new and interesting features. Judging from our first experience with the game, we may assume the 2015 version of the game has seen several improvements, but there is still room for more.

Players have been, once again, impressed with Lara Croft. This time, however, it is not her sexuality that impresses us, but rather her maturity. Developers have clearly considered the evolution of the game character; therefore, they have correctly assumed that the sequel has to see a much more modern and sophisticated female character.

Similar to the first version of the game, Lara Croft continues to uncover past mysteries that her father left unsolved. The location of the game is set in Siberia, where Lara has to fight against the Trinity brotherhood and solve the mystery before they do. Players will, thus, get through many snow-covered mountains and wild sets, but we are already accustomed to these features from the 2013 version.

The feel of the game in incredibly realistic; there are moments when one empathizes with the character due to the realistic sensations she portrays. Lara Croft’s hand position while running or climbing mountains really suggest us the struggles that the female adventurer is going through.

The Xbox version of the game preserves the adventurous look, but there are several downsizes to this fact, too. Players might start to feel bored because they constantly have to roam about wild locations and see the same climbing scenes over and over again. It would be interesting to follow the female character as she uncovers tomb mysteries in other places, as well.

Lara’s combat styles are very lifelike, even though few players can actually admit to ever fighting with someone in real life. Yet, the bone cracking sounds and the punching noises are very truthful.

The only aspect that continues to annoy users if the lack of multiplayer options. This seems to take the game a decade back and some players might not be tempted to try it at all. The fact that PlayStation 4 fans have to wait until next year for the game to be available for them is another drawback.

The new Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available on Xbox starting November 10th, whereas versions for other game consoles will only be released in the second part of 2016. The price has been set at $60.

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