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MIT researchers built a Data Science Machine that outperforms humans

The researchers from Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have probably created the machine that will put out the human brain out of predicting the Big Data patterns. Human Brain till date has been considered to be a pivotal point when identifying predictive patterns in the Big Data analysis. Human Intuition was till date considered to be an important part of Big Data analysis.data-science-mit-research

There is no doubt of the fact that Super Computers can always crunch out more numbers and more complex algorithms compared to the human brain, but there was always one doubt in this regard. Can super computers directly find out the shortest and the optimal path?

The human brain is considered to be way stronger when it comes to taking decisions, while the supercomputers are efficient, but the time that they take is way more than what is acceptable. The supercomputer will consider the worst options as well, while on the other hand the human brain can easily discard the option without even thinking about it.

According to the reports, the students at MIT have possibly found out a solution to the scenario. They have devised a system that can beat the human intelligence in a data test. The prototype of the software has been named ‘Data Science Machine’. What is the most compelling thing is that prototype has beaten 615 human teams out a total 906 human teams that participated in the test.

“The Data Science Machine is one of those unbelievable projects where applying cutting-edge research to solve practical problems opens an entirely new way of looking at the problem,” says Margo Seltzer, a professor of computer science at Harvard University who was not involved in the work. “I think what they’ve done is going to become the standard quickly — very quickly.”

The Data Science Machine successfully made predictions of 94 percent and 96 percent in the first two tests while ended up making a modest prediction of 87 percent on the third test. But the best part was the fact that it only took the Data Science Machine approximately 2 hours to 12 hours to make the decision, compared to longer time periods taken by humans.

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