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This 3D-printed bikini can now clean polluted ocean while you swim

How many of us think every day that if the oceans were cleaner, we could have enjoyed much more? And what if I say you that now you can yourself clean the oceans at ease? Well, the men cannot, but women can and that too with their bikinis. According to the reports, some researchers at UC Riverside Engineering have designed a 3D-printed sponge suit bikini that actually cleans up the ocean while the woman jumps around, playing with the water.ocean-cleaning-bikini

The oceans at present are home to not only the finest set of living species, but also all the kinds of pollutants that exist on the Earth. The report suggests that the sponge suit Bikini will help in cleaning up the pollutants that surrounds the woman who is wearing it.

The bikini has been designed at the UC Riverside by an electrical engineering professor, Mihri Ozkan. The bikini has already won the award for the top spot in the list Reshape 15: Wearable Technology Competition. The work has been completed with the help of her husband and two Ph.D students, Daisy Patino and Hamed Bay. The bikini has been currently named as Sponge and is certainly seeing the limelight amidst the media.

The suit is water repelling and can absorb anything. The suit is made up of carbon material and is extremely flexible and lightweight. To be precise, the suit can absorb up to 25% of its own weight. The catch is that the amount of pollutants adsorbed will also be proportional to the density of the material adsorbed.

“The form of the Sponge Suit is inspired by the super-porous, mesh-like structure of the Sponge material. The final form of the 3D print shell was obtained through the various iterations of the same undulating form,” the team wrote. “The filler amount and the allocation were identified by creating several design alternatives, considering the form and the ergonomics of the human body, while pushing the limits in translucent swimwear design.”

In order to release the pollutants from the Sponge, all you will have to do is heat it to approximately 1800 degrees Celsius. The concept is quite interesting as we have already seen quite a few materials being converted into wearable.

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