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No more flash ads on Google Chrome, starting this September

According to a post on Google+, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is set to block flash ads by default on the Chrome browser, starting September 1. The change to “intelligently pause content that aren’t central to the webpage” was announced in June, and the beta version was rolled out the Chrome browser.google-chrome-html5

Google recommended its advertisers to switch over to HTML5 ads, so they are not blocked. During the beta release, Google said it would pause flash content that was not considered important, but allowed users to watch the videos they wanted to see. In case, the content was paused by mistake, the playback could be resumed by clicking the item. Blocking flash is likely to improve browsing experience, and increase battery life.

Chrome is considered to a battery drainer, as compared to a Safari on Mac, and this is likely to increase the battery life. Google said that users will see better battery life and performance improvements. To manually activate the feature manually, click on Settings > choose “Show advanced settings> scroll to the “Privacy” section and click “Content settings” button. In the plugins section, choose “Detect and run important plugin content: Chrome will  run the main plugin content on websites.”

Facebook’s security chief has called to kill off flash, but it supports both HTML5 and Flash due to browser compatibility issues. Security experts believe that Flash Player can face zero-day vulnerabilities. Video game streaming service Twitch is also moving away from the service with the redesign of the video controls. Flash is predominantly used for gaming with a strong base, but developers believe that the technology would stop working, in turn leaving thousands of games, useless.

Though Google’s revenue is mostly from ads, the move aims to kill the insecure and slow technology. In January, YouTube shifted to HTML5 for videos, and in February, Google converted Flash ads to HTML5 ads.

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