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Donald Trump’s net worth’s growth has been terrible since 1988

Donald Trump has grown his wealth at a very slow pace over 27 years than many of successful businessmen. In the year of 1988, Donald Trump’s net worth is almost the same of Bill Gates. In the meantime, Bill Gates has increased his net worth to almost 7000% for that year. But Mr. Trump has only increased to 300 percent.donald-trump

Regarding personal finance, Donald Trump might not have much more to brag and he made us to believe that he owns net worth $ 4 billion only. At the same time, Trump’s college, Mr. Donald Bren, a high end real estate businessman, has increased his personal gain to almost 720 percent, right from the year 1988.

New York Times reported that with the publication of “Art of the Deal”, Trump has done well, as it turned out to be a best seller. But, he was left far behind the increment of the stock market, if compared. The daily, even took a dig at Trump by saying that he could have developed his financial assets better as well as more effectively, if he would have simply placed his money in an index fund, which tracks stock market. Trump could have owned $13 billion other than $4 billion, if he did it.

Forbes was the first, who did the research of these top elites. No need to mention that Trump was at the bottom of the list provided by the Forbes as well, but he rejected Forbes’s research by saying he owns more than $10 billion dollars. A study was done by Business Insider to rank the wealthy elites of the century, where Donald Trump finds his place almost at the bottom of the list. The study was conducted by tracking financial developments of the rich elites in terms of net worth growth rate.

Trump was further poked for his statement by Business Insider that even if the assessment of his own assets were to be more exact than that of the Forbes study, then also, Trump will be far from the top. Trump owned few stocks and got more dependent upon lending out his name to others to make money. He could have developed a big real estate busies, but he did not go that way. Because he was reluctant to take on debt, as it once almost ruined him back in the 90s.

For this mentality or strategy, whatever you say, Trump managed to get streams of money without any risk factors. However, in this boom and bust prone industry, someone with only Trump’s name reorganization would pull off is a shred thing. So it is expected that he could have done better by investing a bit more in the stock market. However, regardless of these calculations, real estate elite Richard Le Frak thinks Trump as a genius and feels that very few have the luxury to get into such a licensing business.

Here’s how Donald Trump’s net worth since 1988 stacks up against other successful businessmen:


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