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Japan opens door to world’s first robot-staffed hotel

In a first-of-its-kind, Japan has opened the world’s first automated, robot-staffed hotel. People have been replaced with life-like humanoid lady receptionists and bow-tie wearing dinosaur concierge.Susanne.Posel-Headline.News_.Official-japan.hotel_.robot_occupycorporatism

The ‘Strange Hotel’ or the Henn-na Hotel employs ‘warm and friendly’ robots that will help the guests to check-in, check-out, and their luggage will be transferred by a fleet of beeping and rolling robots. The idea was inspired from Dutch theme park ‘Huis Tem Bosch’ in Sasebo, Nagasaki in Japan, where a robotic butler was placed in the front desk. The cutting-edge technology allows the guests to enter the room via facial recognition technology.

The hotel aims to reduce labor costs, waste, save energy and develop a self-sufficient hotel, powered by solar energy and machines. The company’s president stated that they planned to expand this idea all over Japan and the rest of the world. Chinese and Korean languages will be added to the robot’s inventory in the future. The porter robot will transfer the luggage, and a self-serve cafe will offer drinks and snacks from a vending machine.

Last year in  California, Botlr became the world first robotic butler at Aloft Hotels. The robot can transfer amenities to guest rooms, and can acknowledge guest request with beeps and flashing lights. Though the trend of automated hotels is catching up, a survey by JD Power Survey in the US and Canada showed that human contact had value in hotel-management, and the average number of problems fell by 50 percent.

The hotel reception was developed by robotic company Kokoro and describes that her long legs and bright smile are the most attractive features. The management promises that the hotel will be a low-cost hotel that provides a comfortable stay and “world-calls productivity.” There are 144 rooms at the Henn-na Hotel, with prices starting from 9,000 JPY ($73 USD) for a single room. However, cost-conscious travelers will also have an added benefit, not having to top workers.

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  1. Since this is Japan, I've got to ask, is there robot room service and entertainment?

  2. you are such a man! I bet my husband asks the same thing!

  3. Would never stay in a hotel where roborts replace people.

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