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FCC: Users can block robocalls and spam texts from telcos

The Federal Communications Commission made a clear statement that customers can ask their carriers to block illegal robocalls and spam messages for their account. The commission has passed this new proposal, on a 3-2 vote, that made it legal to block/stop automated calls before the customer receives it.spm-texts-robocalls-telemarketing

Few mobile operators and phone companies apparently tell their customers that, they cannot do anything regarding the problem, since they need to connect each and every call. As a result of the new rule, they cannot even use the same reason to neglect their customers. But, it’s still in the hand of them whether to fulfill the needs of the customer’s or not. In the meantime, they were not responsible for the calls that the customers were getting. The entire global network is becoming an automated as well as a wireless one, that makes more complex to block certain types of calls.

Jonathan Banks, a senior vice president of US Telecom, in a statement said,

“US Telecom’s members will continue to develop and deploy tools to their customers in order to address these unwanted calls,” “We look forward to continuing collaboration with government, law enforcement and technology providers to eliminate illegal robocalls.”

Back in the year of 2013, FCC got fed up due to the number of complaints with the launch of $50,000 Robocall Challenge, and thus give rise to several technologies, that can be downloaded and installed on the user’s device to block unwanted calls. By detecting the callers ID, one can easily block the unwanted calls before receiving them too. For instance, installing third party applications such as True Caller, allows the users to block spam calls easily.

According to the FCC, more than 215,000 complaints were recorded in the year 2014 itself, and this made FCC to make this proposal. In fact, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler vote in favor of the rule, and he asked the phone companies to “please start letting [their] consumers request to have robocalls blocked.”

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