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The Founder of Comcast, Ralph J. Roberts Passes Away at 95

Ralph J. Roberts, a cable television industry king passed away on Thursday night in Philadelphia. He was 95 at the time. Roberts was the founder of Comcast, which is the biggest cable provider in the US for decades. A decade ago, his son Brian took over the role of Chairman and CEO of Comcast.ralph-j-roberts-comcast-founder

A statement was given by Brian and the rest of the family on Friday which read out, “Ralph was a remarkable man who touched the lives of so many people. He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather and perhaps most importantly, a kind and humble human being. He will always be remembered for his generosity, integrity, honesty, kindness and respect for everyone around him. He was an inspiration to us all and we will miss him greatly.”

Comcast is actually based in Philadelphia and Ralph is credited for making the company grow from being a regional cable company to the global Fortune 50 media. Comcast is definitely one of the leaders in technology in the modern world.

Comcast has extended its services to TV and internet as well. It is a part of one out of six households in America. NBC Universal is also owned by Comcast now.

Roberts fought in the Second World War and he was popular for his typical knotted bow tie look. He worked in advertising and then ran an apparel store for men before starting Comcast. When he started the Comcast service in Tupelo, his subscriber count was only 1,200. However, with his hard work and persistency, he conquered other markets in the US and became a pioneer of cable television business in the United States.

The company released a statement about Roberts that said, “his vision and spirit have been at the heart of Comcast and our culture for 50 years.”

Upon announcement of Robert’s death, the colleagues and competitors in the TV industry saluted Robert for his generosity and friendship. The CEO of Time Warner Cable, Rob Marcus considered Roberts as his role model and said, “The value of working hard and treating others with kindness and respect.” The others who have met Roberts or done business with him have the same opinion too.

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