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New, better and efficient Google Chrome browser for Mac

If you thought that while surfing the internet on a Mac, it was wise to use Safari instead of any other browser, in order to save some power, then it is probably time to think otherwise. More often than, Safari has been the preference of most of the Mac users only for the efficient power saving feature that it has. We all know that there are better browsers for Mac than Apple’s own Safari browser. Power always gave Safari the edge over others, but it seems that Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has decided to call it in.google-chrome-update

According to the reports, Google is looking forward to bring in some substantial changes to Chrome for Mac in order to close down the power usage on Mac nearer to Apple’s Safari browser. The experts believe that if Google Chrome can bring down the power usage, then with the kind of features that it provides, Chrome can certainly turn out to be the most preferred browser on all Apple products.

The reports have it that Google Chrome has already added the new feature that disables the flash advertisements, thus reducing the use of some battery cycles. A few more additions would certainly start making prominent savings on the battery. On the other hand, Chrome engineer, Mr. Peter Kasting, stated that back at the labs, they are working on devising a more efficient way to help Chrome manage the background tabs, so as to minimize the consumption of power.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out. The reports suggest that the Beta version of the modified Chrome for Mac will be available soon, which in turn means that the product for general users is not far away. With rumors pointing towards an Apple’s personal search engine and Google is modifying Chrome for Mac, competition might just land up in another level.

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