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PayPal to allow users to opt out of automated calls and text messages

PayPal received quite a stick after it announced the new service agreement for its users. The new service agreement allowed the online payment service to call up its users as well as send test messages at any given point of time. The service claimed as a measure taken to reach out to its users. But this clause of the new agreement was taken well by the users. Now, how do you want someone to react if they are being told that they might as well receive calls and texts at any point of time?paypal-offices-reuters-e1404240219591

According to the proposed agreement, PayPal could communicate with you via calls and text messages as communication with its customers. In fact, the agreement also allows PayPal to use the mobile numbers that you have not disclosed to the company. Well, this is certainly something that you would not want to happen! Sadly, the only way to opt out of the agreement was to close the PayPal account, which is again something that you would not want to do. Having stayed under the heat regarding this scenario, PayPal finally came out with an alternative.

According to the update posted by PayPal on Friday, the online payment service will allow the customers to opt out of the automated calls and text messages. The blog post stated that PayPal values its relationship with its customers and nothing will change. The users who want to opt out from receiving the automated calls and text message will have to do so by calling the PayPal customer service.

PayPal is one of the most preferred online payment services. The experts believe that the new agreement would have resulted in PayPal loosing quite a few of its valued customers. Now with the solution, things will be expected to stay the same. The new agreement is set to roll out on July 1.

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  1. So I have to call them, get through customer service, and hope they really, really opt me out. Still sounds risky and not user friendly.

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