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Scientists transmit electricity to wearables via Wi-Fi

Tesla would have been so much happier if he was alive to see this day. The amazing feat scientists achieved is worth applauding considering this is another spectacular breakthrough in the field of science and technology. It is now possible to send electricity through Wi-Fi to your devices and wearables, which is indeed a next step to the future. We already love the wearables, fitness bands and internet of things technology, but wirelessly transmitting electricity is expanding the scope a lot more.power-transmit-via-wi-fi

Using Wi-Fi antennas the scientists have experimented and found that they could empower tiny devices with ambient signals. Also to keep the flow steady, they mixed the signals with noise. The simple concept of modulation works really well and takes us to a whole new level. The exciting thing is operating cameras, sensors and other small equipment are using the PoWiFi signals. Also, they tried charging a fitness tracker wearable from 23 feet away using a rechargeable battery with the antenna.

This means, now Wi-Fi can send more than just data, and power is just the beginning. It is indeed exciting to see how new research and developments take place and how devices and wireless technology evolve over time. Who thought ordinary Wi-Fi signals are capable of transmitting other things besides data. The future of devices and connection between them will be based on this great and revolutionary finding. A specially designed temperature sensor was successfully powered using an ordinary WiFi signal and it is proven that electricity can be wirelessly transmitted to other devices using special techniques and altering the signal to suit our transmission needs.

This means all your batteries will be charged easily using your routers at home or outside. The signal strength works well, even through the walls and with further advancements, Internet of Things will be more affordable and user-friendly.

Tell us your thoughts on this experiment. Do you think wearables and Wi-Fi collaboration is going to stay? Do Comment!

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