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More than 50,000 pounds of food collected through ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ drive

During the annual ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ food drive, more than 50,000 pounds of food were collected by letter carriers. Local groups like Manna Food Pantries received 71,532 pounds of food, and residents were encouraged r leave non-perishable food near their mailboxes.stampouthungercantonment14-540x300

A total of 84 volunteers spent 254 volunteer hours sorting out the food received by Manna. The annual drive is carried out by U.S postal employees on behalf of the National Association of Letter Carriers. Marketing director of Greater Berks Food Bank Doug Long  stated that the drive collected 10 percent more food than last year, though the exact figures were not mentioned.

“As always, we thank the letter carriers for all their hard work of planning the food drive,’ said Long.

The annual food drive in its 23rd year has become the largest single day national effort, and is set to benefit millions of food insecure Americans. Letter carriers in Escambia and Santa Rosa collected food donations for local food banks like Bat Area Food Bank, Manna Food pantries and others. Last year, a total of 159,625 pounds of food was collected by organizations while the figures for the latest drive were not available until Saturday night.

Manna Food Pantries executive director DeDe Foulacker stated that it was a critical food drive as it comes at a time when donations are low and need has increased. The drive is not conducted during the summer, and the generous donations from the community allows them to feed hungry families with nutritious food throughout the summer months, he added.

Paul Purcell, food drive coordinator for the local letter carriers said that the group was thrilled that so many people participated in the effort. The group aims to collect 1.2 million pounds of food, which will help in feeding one million Americans. Mail carriers will pick up the food on Monday too.

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