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Microsoft Xbox One offer: Buy it for just $175 at Best Buy

Best Buy, one of the world leading retailer, comes with a new offer that attract all sorts of gamer, and allows them to buy a brand-new Xbox One for just $175. Wherever you search in this globe, this will at best one on Microsoft’s Xbox one.xbox-one-deal-best-buy-720x388

Best Buy allows you to buy a brand new console worth $350 for just $175. Quite an interesting deal, isn’t?. The shopper needs to trade his/her Xbox 360 or a PS3 at a store (see all stores here) in the United States. As a result of trade, the shopper will receive a $175 credit, which can be used for purchasing of new Xbox One. The credit comes as $75 coupon and $100 gift card from Best Buy. Go to the source link below to find the deal.

The main criteria for the trade are that, the console should be working and it should have a power cord in proper condition. And the warranty seal of the console should not opened, or the device should not damaged. One more important point is that, there is a limit that one person should trade one console only. The deal is applicable till May 2 and it is available in stores only.

For more clarity: The shoppers can also trade-in their devices with less storage. If Xbox 360 memory is less than 250GB and PS3 Slim less than 120GB, then the shoppers won’t get much credit for the trade-in. In the meanwhile, Best Buy is providing gift cards only, not cash, for the trade-ins, so that the user can buy new items in only Best Buy stores for that credit. The Xbox One comes with Wired Chat Headset with one Wireless Controller, a power adapter and a HDMI cable.

Similar to this, Gamestop also offered a deal earlier this month, and it offers $125 credit for purchase of new Xbox One. Last weekend, the offer ended in Gamestop, and it offered the console for just $225 only.

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