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Pepsi drops ‘Aspartame’ sweetener from Diet Pepsi following the sales slump

Aspartame, the artificial sweetener is being dropped from Diet Pepsi by Pepsico, Inc. (NASDAQ:PEP) so that the slump in sales in U.S in recent years can be stopped and reversed. The company would now switch to a blend of acesulfame potassium and sucralose in Diet Pepsi, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi and Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, starting from August.pepsi-cans

Senior vice president of Pepsi and Flavors Portfolio, PepsiCo North America Beverages, Seth Kaufman stated that drinkers of Diet Cola in United States wanted Diet Pepsi free of Aspartame and they were delivering it. He also added that ““We recognize that consumer demand is evolving and we’re confident that cola-lovers will enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of this new product.”

Use of Aspartame was approved by the US FDA in the year 1981 and it was said that there isn’t any proof of the artificial sweetener being harmful for health.

Aspartame is a very exhaustively studied substance and has over 100 studies that support its safety. Scientific data have been reviewed by FDA scientists with regards to the safety of Aspartame. It was concluded that it is quite safe for the general population.

However, consumers have moved away from these aspartame based drinks. They believe that many health problems and cancer are caused due to it. There has also been a drop in the sale of diet soda as part of a general movement. The volumes of Diet Pepsi fell by 5.2 percent in United last year. Diet Sodas didn’t take off in India and hence it would be certain that in India too, Pepsi will stop using Aspartame.

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