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Here are 7 latest technology inventions that ease up your life

This year, scientists have gifted some innovative tools to people to explore. These sophisticated gadgets and appliances are ultra modern, sleek and technically upgraded to perform perfectly. Know about the salient features and technical configuration of these selected inventions of this current year.

1. Keewifi Router

Keewifi Router is a portable device which doesn’t need any password or code to activate. This device is small in size with flexible compartment. Users don’t need to remember any password or complicated code to run the router. Instead, insert it into the main device for faster routing. Replace the conventional WiFi interface for routing.

It is a dynamic and durable router for you. Attach it to the laptop and smart phone for getting instant access to the local network.


2. Egloo

Egloo is an eco-friendly room heater to heat up the indoor environment. It is small with a portable oval shaped unit which accommodates a candle. This Egloo reduces the power consumption. Though it is not capable of thawing the hard rock ice at your doorstep during wintry season, it is the best heater for you to do studies in your small room. Keep it on the writing desk and boost up yourself to continue researches even in the wintry night. When candles are burnt, this device still releases heat to increase the coziness and comfort. Egloo is a durable miniature room heating device which doesn’t contaminate the environment. Nor is it harmful to health of kids.


3. Spin Remote

Discard your hard-rock metal remote control device to surf the television channels or play the music systems. In return scientists have recently released much faster and sleeker spin remote devices without any button or knobs to operate. It is a small device and it rotates on its axis. Whenever you need to change the television channel or activate your infotainment system, spin this remote device. Your musical gadgets, room heater, smart phones and plasma television sets will be controlled perfectly via this extraordinary spin remote device. This ultra modern spin remote is budget friendly with easy maintenance feature.


4. Stridalyzer Smart Insoles

Stridalyzer smart insoles are the innovative wellness and fitness footwear for you. Keep fit and track the regular development of your health. These insoles upgrade your knowledge about the steady progression of your health. Learn about defects or any problems in resetting your body. This running footwear is fitted to different runners who jog, run and jump regularly for physical fitness.


5. Zen Egg

Zen Egg is the ultra sleek wellness device for you. It is a good stress resistance tool to help people reducing mental trauma, stress and anxiety. This egg shaped device is filled with different herbal ingredients for body massaging and stimulation. This physical fitness tool can be placed on the hard surface of the desk. It can roll over the whole body for enhancing the proper stress resistance with the immediate relief from the physical discomfiture. Busy people suffer from stress. They have to go to the gym clubs or any health center for physical fitness training. Well, when they have to attend offices to work, they should be fit and able to work in care free mind. This smart device is much safer with the least health hazard.



COBI is the latest street navigation system for a bike rider. Install it on your bike for navigation. This device delivers latest news about the local weather condition, the position of different front, and rear lighting accessories. COBI is one of the sophisticated tools for professional bike riders to get perfect information about street, weather and lighting fixtures to ensure the smooth road trips. You can also browse your smart phone easily with COBI. It also powers the smart phone.


7. Smart Unit

Smart Unit is the new monitoring device which can trace strangers who have a tendency to steal money and jewelry from suitcases. This tiny device needs to be connected to your cell phones. When you travel, keep this device inside your suitcase for surveillance. It will update you if there is anything wrong. Smart unit becomes popular due to its flawless functionalities. It has automatic switch on/off modes when air buses soar or make nosedive to reach the land. There is a faster alert system.


All these modern tools will help general people to maintain peaceful lifestyles. They will be healthy with decent mindsets to do their personal jobs. In this connection, check few relevant reviews to know about many features of such glossy devices.

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