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Coffee Machine for Space Program – A big leap for mankind?

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Dragon has left the earth’s atmosphere earlier this week and it seems that the shuttle is taking longer span to reach its orbit. Still the craft is not picked up by the ISS, International Space Station and others believes that slow and steady will definitely bring out the solution always.Coffee Maker ISS

The process of gaining altitude will take several numbers of days and the course of the craft should take some time to reach the orbit. Touching another orbit object at immense speed will do severe damage to both the objects, so it is wise to travel in a slower manner until it reaches the ISS.

Astronauts will unpack the 1990kgs cargo aboard Dragon sooner and it consists of plenty of low-gravity stuffs, along with many research initiatives. Out of 1990kgs, 1102 were mainly devoted to food and other necessary provisions for the aboard crew and it also contains long awaited espresso machines, designed especially for ISS by Lavazza, top Italian coffee maker. A month before it, the machine should be delivered to the ISS, but due to some technical issues, the schedule has been delayed so.

One of the engineers, from the team said,

“It’s perfect for the astronauts, but NASA’s Vickie Kloeris is anxious.” “Each cup has an individual capsule that has to be packaged separately. So there’s a lot of trash and a lot of volume involved in it. Getting things in and out of space is expensive, NASA managers are still trying to figure out how to deal with all those finicky plastic pods.”

The coffee machine has been a dream project for all and it is designed in such a way that, the machine will work perfectly in the space without any sort of constrains. Simply you need to connect the plastic pouches and start the brewing process. Soon, all sorts of features will be loaded into the space and coffee maker is a live example of that.

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