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Report: Universe is expanding at a lower pace, says scientists

According to research papers published in the Astrophysical Journal, the universe is expanding at a slower pace than previously believed. Lesser dark energy in the universe has led to the claim of slower expansion of the cosmos.universe

The study was published by a team of researchers led by Peter A Milne of the University of Arizona. The team found variations in the light on a kind of supernova and are greater than previous observations. NASA Swift, the alight variation tool was used to collect the data. The study was concluded, after a type of supernovae, used to gauge reliable distances in the cosmos was examined.

“We found that the differences are not random, but lead to separating the supernovae into two groups,” said the researchers.

The researchers stated that the new study argues the theory of universal acceleration taught in schools and colleges is wrong because it’s not based on factual condition. The study mentioned that the group is in the minority near us are in the majority at large distances — thus when the universe was younger. The findings were made by Hubble Room Telescope along with NASA’s quick satellite that continued ultraviolet and other wavebands.

The information is considered “crucial” because small work day in the direction of your red or azure became apparent due to the committed findings inside ultraviolet. Milne stated that variety a1 supernovae, which was considered to be identical was not true. The team included Ryan J. Foley of Illinois, Gautham Narayan of Tuscon-based National Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) and Peter J. Brown of Texas A&M University.

The findings are similar to sampling a selection of 100-watt lamps at the retailer and getting them to vary in brightness, Milne added. The study also indicates that more information need to be compiled by scientists as modern findings are likely to replace existing information.

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