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Hockey masks, strollers and window shades recalled for posing strangulation hazards

Among the most recalled customer items of this week comes a line of window shades posing a strangulation hazard for the little youngsters. Others contain water heaters and strollers. Window shades with blinds have a P-shaped, clear hook for holding down the cord. The chain loop or cord of window shades is clipped into the device. Then, the hook is screwed through side of the window or wall, through installation.strollers

Its shipping was done with Blinds To go custom made roller shdes with Serenity shades, Panel Tracks Shades, cellular shades and Smartlift pleated shades. Then they were sold online as well as Blinds To Go showrooms to involve  $60 and $770 from January 2009 to November 2014.

Even though there wasn’t any report of strangulation, the cord loop or the shade’s chain can slip out easily out the hook and can pose a strangulation hazard for children. The recall is mainly for metal cages on Bauer Concept C1 target mask that have certified titanium oval wire as well as NME ten aim mask whose cost is around $900. They have also recalled $90 RP NME Ti Titanium Replacement cage for Notion C1 as well as NME ten goalie masks.

Both these masks are sold in white or black with titanium cage that is attached to the mask with 2 screws on both the sides of the mask. They are sold on the internet as well as at sporting goods stores from April 2013 and their recall is done because the metal wires can break and which in turn can cause cuts or facial injuries. There were around 9 reports of wire breakage.

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