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San Fransisco-based Olio Devices launches it stunning smartwatch series

A San Francisco based startup, ‘Olio’ is the latest entrant into the smartwatch market after it launched its first eponymous smartwatch. Olio Devices, a relatively new company and a startup may have a tricky challenge going against the biggies in the industry, represented by companies ranging from Apple to Tag Heuer. The price of its smartwatch is within the $595 and $750 range.olio-smartwatches

Olio, may find the going gets tough, as is the case for any new entrant in a crowded market. This is a predicament known to most business heads and therefore Olio’s CEO Steve Jacobs’ focused on creating something different from the fare available in the smartwatch market. “This shouldn’t just be a derivative of your phone,” said Olio founder and CEO Steve Jacobs. “Our philosophy is, it should be a watch.”

Steve’s comments express loudly and clearly that the Olio watch is not intended to distract its users the way other smartwatches do with their constant interruptions through instantaneous notifications. Steve’s objective in delivering Olio seems to be to bring back the good old analog watch, but this time around, with smartwatch capabilities.

The smartwatch does not create instant notifications to get the attention of its user and instead collects and bundles them all together in coherent and comprehensive streams, so that the user can check them all in one go, at appropriate points in his day. Rising instances of technology induced depression and changing lifestyles have raised fundamental questions about the role of technology in our lives. While technology was supposed to simplify our lives, it has ended up doing the opposite by complicating it further. Recognizing this fundamental shift in technology’s utility to a user, Olio’s focus is on creating lesser distractions, something which its founders intend to make the smartwatch’s USP.

Also, the watch’s circular dial is a shift from the other smartwatches in the arena. In addition to being rugged, it is also built to withstand dust, sand and water. The watch is available in a stainless steel casing and comes with a full color display. Having said all that, the thing that can work the most in favor of the new watch is that the designers and developers behind the watch have been associated with technological giants such as Apple, NASA and Pixar. However, the watch will be available only as a limited edition product. The company will ship only 1000 pieces this summer. The watches will come with bracelets or Italian leather straps.

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