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Google and Johnson and Johnson’s newest venture: Robotic surgery

In a move which will be highly beneficial to the healthcare sector, US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (NASDAQ:JNJ) announced its plans to work in unison with Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) in order to explore and develop a robotic surgery program. Robotic surgery or robot assisted surgery has been a matter of great interest for a long time and has also been successfully put into use in recent times.google-robotics-surgery

The new technology would help assist surgeons during procedures and help in performing minimally invasive surgeries. The robotic arms developed during the program would considerably improve the accuracy required during complex procedures. The companies are also planning to add softwares and imaging tools to the robotic arms which would further help with the advancement of surgical procedures and would help in a more thorough analysis of the various body organs.

Robotically assisted surgery was developed to overcome the limitations of minimally invasive surgery and to enhance the capabilities of surgeons performing open surgery. A surgeon normally uses a computer to control the robotic arms which in turn carry out the procedure. This helps in eliminating the slightest errors and also makes remote surgeries possible. Robotic surgeries are currently being used in major hospitals all around the globe and have a huge scope in the future. Although there have been major safety concerns on its usage, it can surely revolutionize surgeries if developed in a proper manner.

Gary Pruden, head of the Johnson and Johnson global surgery group is very enthusiastic about the collaboration and hopes to develop a multigenerational cost-effective plan for the new product. According to him the aim of the team would be to put the best technology and surgical know-how in the hands of medical teams around the world. He also plans on building a more advanced technology than the one which is currently available in the market.

Google reportedly will be more involved in the data management domain. It would be working on making large volumes of data available to surgeons during procedures which would help them arrive at a suitable diagnosis. Google’s X lab, a semi secret life sciences division, which is part of the collaboration started in 2010 with the development of a self driving car. Currently 8 projects are being developed at the facility. The company has always played a key part in improving robotic technology, be it through drones or self driving cars.

We hope this collaboration brings about a welcome change in the healthcare setup which has mostly been relying on obsolete equipments.

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