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NSA and British Intelligence Squad Monitor Cell Phones for Data Hacking

A horrendous report published online has threatened trillion innocent smartphone users to change their smartphones, email addresses and IPS interfaces to get band of extra safeguard. In the report of the Pew Research Center, it has been directly stated that NSA and a British intelligence squad (GCHQ) started a new secret venture to monitor online information delivery process. They are trapping smart phones of people and collecting personal information.   In the name of investigation to stop hijacking, sabotage and scam, they  have other purposes  to harass  people.  This type of surveillance is detrimental to people who use smart phones, tablets and iPhones. Data security is now at risk due to the malpractices done by NSA / National Security Agency.BND NSA GCHQ DGSE

Heinous Crime to Hack Data

Confusion is  brewing up when citizens in the UK and America got another shocking  news, headline  regarding the  possibility of the  involvement of CIA to support NSA to  go  further to steal information from the online networking systems. CIA agents recently got success in jail breaking Apple’s operating system to hijack data of people. Their tendency to get information from smart phones of people must be stopped. Therefore, people are taking decisions to change email addresses, passwords of Facebook and user names of other social networking websites. Right now critics protest by ventilating their grievances against the data hacking. They claim that privacy of people to surf online via smart phones seems to be no longer maintained perfectly. People need to be more careful when they communicate or share photos, and personal information with others.

Basically, NSA and other British intelligence squads like to put focus on the sex oriented materials delivered or exchanged by people. They exploit people by revealing personal information in other unreliable sources. This type of sexual harassment is now faced by people.

NSA and its Associates Violet Rules to Interfere Illegally

NSA and its associate have already showcased a hands-on demo to train team members how to release WARRIOR PRIDE software on the internet. They will plant this software into the smart phone of a person to get free access to the personal profile. This data hacking software is compatible with Xcode of Apple. It is a huge achievement for NSA to fulfill their mission faster. However, Apple and Android operating systems are in real problem. According to them, the data they share through smart phones are now exposed to others. It is a dangerous period for them to deal with. God knows how to avoid such online radicals. On the other hand, people have decided to move the court and appeal for justice. They want to resist these UK and American based private agencies. It is a cyber crime and there must be punishment to teach rascals lessons.

Of late, American and British hackers have maximized crime by encroaching to hack database of the largest SIM card selling company. They have collected million tons of data from these SIM cards and they distorted the facts. It is a well fabricated crime and it is also heinous. On the other hand, NSA and GCHQ agencies have upgraded an encrypted key to break the privacy of people. They collected the configuration of privacy codes used by Gemalto to upgrade the chips of mobile phones. So it is now easier for NSA to steal valuable information from people.

However, recently, many companies change their online marketing surveys. They also open their sites to check the trend of people in different areas. They need to understand the likelihood of people to buy products. They change or modify plans for product promotion. These companies also interfere to tamper with personal information. However, their main objectives to search for are to know about sex, age, caste, and religious backgrounds of people living in different places. How are they powerful financially to buy expensive products? How many children do they have to run the family? What is the main source of income?  NSA and GCHQ have launched different surveillance programs to track mobile phones of innocent citizens without any specific purpose. If NSA doesn’t stop this type of harmful venture, the future of mobile phone manufacturing industry will be in danger. People will not buy cell phones to do communication. However, till now no official statement or declaration has been made by the White House to condemn the NSA and CIA for their ill intentions to embark crime.

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