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Hyperloop to become reality in Quay Valley, California

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is set to build a working version of Hyperloop in a planned city in Central California. Elon Musk, Cofounder of Tesla had announced plans for building a Hyperloop test track in Texas.Hyperloop-Transportation-Technologies

The Hyperloop is planned in a five-mile track around Quay Valley, a “model town of 21st century” that is being planned by GROW (Green Renewable Organic Water)  Holdings. The company wants to develop the 7,500 acres  near Interstate 5 in Kings County. Residents of the proposed community will be able to use the Hyperloop.

“It’s not a test track,” said Dirk Ahlborn, HTT CEO to Wired.

The Quay Valley Hyperloop will be a small track when compared to the large-scale plans of HTT to build the system across the United States. The capsules that would transport passengers will not match the speeds that were predicted by Musk in 2013 though it is expected to increase in longer tracks. While Musk predicted speed of 800 m.p.h speeds per hour in longer Hyperloop, HTT is likely to use low top speed of 470 miles per hour.

Ahlborn stated that the Quay Valley Hyperloop was not being built to test speed  and mentioned the shorter tracks in the planned community. The project will also serve as a prototype for testing and tweaking station setup, building procedures and pod design. A track requires a minimum of 100 miles to gain speed, according to Ahlborn. The startup is hoping to raise funds and expects the project to be completed with $100 million.

HTT expects to start building the first Hyperloop in the model town by 2016. Quay Valley is a suitable place for the startup as it does not have issues that will be faced in larger cities. The company has roped in 200 engineers and 25 students from UCLA’s architecture design for a range of issues like route planning, design and cost estimation.

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