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Fiat Chrysler recalls approximately 467,000 SUVs to fix fuel pump

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have released a statement stating that the car makers will recall approximately about 467,500 SUV’s worldwide. The reports in context to the statement shows that the recall is being made owing to certain issues with the Fuel Tank in many cars. Fiat is not ready to take any chances with the car and is ready to fix the issues to avoid unnecessary circumstances.Fiat recalls approximately 467,000 SUV’s

The year 2014 saw many renowned companies to recall quite a few number of cars owing to various different issues. The car makers who probably suffered the most with the recalls last year was General Motors. The vehicles from GM were struck with a defect with the ignition switch, which could well have caused fatal accidents.

This is probably one of the main influencing incident from last year, which forced Fiat to recall this huge number of vehicles at a time. The car makers claim that there is no major fault and there are no reported accidents or crashes due to it. The reports suggest that the cars with defect run the risk of not starting or the engine stalling suddenly.

According to Fiat, the car models suspected with the defects are Dodge Durango manufactured during 2012 and 2013 and Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel version of the year 2011. A general estimation states that approximately 338,000 vehicles in the United States, 10,000 in Mexico, 18,000 in Canada and 99,000 outside North America are a part of the recall made by Fiat. The no start issue is more common in the vehicles compared to the engine stall. The customers will receive direct notice from Fiat about what to do next!

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