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Takata Corporation hit with a $14,000 fine per day

The United States Government all set to impose $14,000 fine per day on Takata Corporation, until the company complies with the demands of the federal authority. Things are getting more difficult for Takata Corporation as NHTSA is looking forward to strengthen the hold on the airbag maker.Takata Corporation hit with $14,000 fine per day

The defective Takata Airbags, have already killed a few individuals and injured many. The trouble with the defective airbags came into the limelight due to an accident last year and since then, the issue has been on the rise. The airbags are extremely risky and can certainly cause an accident at any point of time.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been trying to work in collaboration with Takata Corporation to recall all the cars with the probably defective airbags, but it seems that the airbag makers are a bit less interested. According to the statement of the United States Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, the world’s largest airbag maker have not cooperated with the United States Government in the way that they should have. The defective airbags are responsible for innumerable accidents and yet the makers are least interested removal of the threat posed to the drivers.

Approximately more that 20 million different car models have been recalled with the risk of a probable defect with the airbags but sadly only 2 million cars have been repaired till date. Foxx also added that the $14,000 fine has been imposed on Takata Corporation after pushing the airbag makers to the greatest possible extent for proper cooperation. In case, Takata Corporation still continues in the same fashion, further strict action will be taken by the NHTSA.

On the other hand, Takata Corporation has stated that they have cooperated with the United States government in all the possible way and are now feeling disappointed with the fine imposed on them. One will have to wait to see how things will turn out in the future.

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