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Here goes the first snaps of Tesla’s Model X sedan

The much awaited Tesla Model X Sedan hits the road as the car gets spotted on the streets of the United States. The Model X is one of the most important cars to be launched by Tesla in the recent years. As it happens, the Car has also seen quite a few delays already owing to various technical issues. Considering the competition that exists in the Motor market, it is virtually impossible for any car maker to stay stagnant at a certain position. With quite a few powerful cars already released and some in the line, it will be interesting to see how the battle goes for Tesla Model X Sedan.tesla-model-x-photos2

According to the recent reports that have come through, Tesla has jotted down a tentative third Quarter date of 2015 for the launch of Model X. One one hand, some individuals is extremely enthusiastic about the launch of Model X and on the other hand, some individuals are also worried about the effect that the technical delays can have on the market.

Some reports also suggest that Tesla will be soon testing the prototypes of the Model X on the streets of Fremont, California as the first pictures of the car on the road was recently published on Facebook. The recent reports also suggest that the final design of the Model X Sedan is also complete. The chances that the prototypes will look very much similar to the original car is very much evident. According to the words of Elon Musk, the testing the prototypes on the roads will prove beneficial for the final touches to the car.

To be true, one will have to wait at least  months from now for the official launch of Tesla’s Model X and the market response will be something to look forward to.

First spy photos of Tesla Model X sedan car:

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