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Marijuana smokers get their own dating app ‘High There’

CEO Todd Mitchem of Here There announced the release of their new app ‘High There’ that was designed specially for marijuana smokers. The app works similar to the Tinder app, except for the fact that it connects weed lovers.Screen-Shot-2015-02-06-at-2.03.31-PM (1)

Users can create dating profiles and can show their interest to others through several options. The smokers can swipe thorough the potential profiles and the energy can be set to either low or high for matching with profiles. The ‘High There’ app also provides matches based on consuming THC and vaping and users are ranked based on pot utilization levels from ‘lazy’ to ‘vape usage’.

“Just the other day I connected with a dude and talked back and forth for a while about life, weed, and built a friendship,” said Mitchem.

The app will work only in states where marijuana is legal or for medicinal use and users can sign up for the app. Mitchem does not know the present number of users and the app on Google Play has no ratings. The app is still in the development stages and has been submitted to iOS recently. The CEO indicated that the app will see more membership traffic once they enter regions of Los Angeles, Denver and Las Vegas.

‘High There’ app also has other uses like finding recreational places for smoking weed and finding areas to travel. It can also show the possible places where weed can be brought legally. The app can be useful for users who travel to another state and does not know where to procure marijuana.

In Google Play Store the app is available for download and specifies it availability only in marijuana legal states while the iOS app will be released soon. Most of the states in America might legalize weed in the future after growing  number of illegal usage and trade.

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  1. How about for those who prefer to vape? Not all marijuana consumers smoke it these days.

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