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Facebook’s VR, drones and internet satellite attract techies for opportunities

In the near future, from a pioneer in Social-Networking, Facebook of tomorrow could soon be seen in areas as diversified as Virtual Reality goggles to makers of drones and satellites for providing high speed internet to third-world countries.zenimax-virtual-reality-headset

The acquisition of Oculus Rift, the makers of virtual reality devices, for two billion dollars, last year can be seen as a step in this direction. Through this acquisition Facebook aims to bring the nascent Virtual reality technology into the mainstreams of entertainment, gaming and computing industries. They have already been said to have listed rolls such as business managers to oversee logistics, procurement and global supply chain planning for VR.

Another key area that Facebook is said to be considering is the building of drones and satellites with the aim of providing high speed internet to far flung areas in the third world countries. It is speculated that they have already started hiring experts in avionics and allied industries for the development in this field.

Online ads are another area that Facebook hopes to expand in the near future. Expansion of the company into such areas have seen a rise in the number of intakes into the company, in recent years.

It is said that even though the number of headcount in the company is far less that it top competitors like Google (about 8,348 full-time employees at the end of September), Facebook has generated more revenue per employee than any of the competition. As per the recent statistics Facebook’s revenue works out to roughly $384,000 per employee in the third quarter of 2014, versus $300,000 for Google and $183,000 for Microsoft.

Much of the reason behind such a high revenue rate is that through challenging hackathons Facebook challenges its employees to come up with new and improved ideas that would later be rolled out as Facebook products.

A true testimonial of the company’s expansion and commitment to the products that matter, in the future, would be the recent construction of roughly 500,000 square foot building that can accommodate 3,000 employees, in Menlo Park, California, the company’s Seattle Office has also seen such expansion in recent times.

Commenting on their expansion spree, in an interview, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg told one of the leading daily that, “We are an ambitious company run by an ambitious CEO,” “Our users are growing and our business is growing and we want to support that,”.

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