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Valve to relaunch Steam Machine gaming consoles at GDC 2015

Much hyped and sought after gaming consoles Valve’s Steam machines will be refreshed and showcased in a grand manner during GDC 2015 to be held in this March.Valve Steam Machine rear ports

Powered by Linux operating system, these Steam gaming machines use the same components as a high-end PC with the latest online, multiplayer and single shooter games delivered by the company’s state of the art digital distribution system. Hence, these machines can be categorized as a living room digital gaming console with Big Picture mode with home entertainment capabilities.

When Valve launched its Steam OS along with Steam Machines as well as Steam controller, the gaming world shook its head and was waiting for the actual machines to enter the market seamlessly. However, it couldn’t happen so far. Valve has taken enough time to launch the Steam gaming consoles in full force to the gaming market. Valve is already known for its delayed tactics (or actual delays?), for example, the launch of Half Life 3. It looks like the wait is over regarding the Steam Machines.

According to a representative from Valve who gave an interview to the Game Informer magazine recently, Valve had the plans to reveal the Steam machines during the CES 2015. But, the technical and production delays cause the company to cancel the plan and postpone the show off of its much awaited Steam Machines to a later date.

The company’s representative confirmed that Valve has finally decided to unveil the Steam machines during the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2015) to be held in San Francisco, CA on March 2-6. The company has already booked the front and center portion of the event to grab attention from all gaming developers as well as enthusiasts.

“We have confirmed and the team is gearing up to showcase steam machines in a grand manner during GDC 2015. It will be at the front, center and every corner in this grand gaming event where all those amazing developers come together as one.”

Initially, when Valve came up with the idea of Steam Machines, it has grabbed attention from the gamers around the world. But, the company has failed to encash the opportunity by launching the device to the market soon, so far. The company has announced the Steam Machine concept in 2013 and the CES 2014 event has seen many third-party Steam Machines from many developers and companies.

It’s expected that Valve will be launching the newly designed Steam controller along with the updates to its Steam OS during the GDC 2015 event. We have to wait for the new refreshed Steam Machines at GDC 2015 in coming March. Stay tuned for more updates and latest gadget news.

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